Translucent Cosmetic Braces

Ceramic cosmetic braces provide the same benefits as wire braces do, but with a softer, more inconspicuous look. 

Translucent Cosmetic Braces, Vancouver OrthodontistWhat are translucent cosmetic braces?

Translucent cosmetic braces have tooth-coloured brackets (and sometimes tooth-colored wires) made of ceramic, rather than metal ones.

The strain-resistant, tooth-colored ceramic blends right in with your teeth. This makes the brackets seem translucent, although they are not actually transparent in the same sense as clear aligners.

The composite ceramic material that these brackets are made of are somewhat weaker and more brittle than metal braces are and are slightly are larger than metal brackets.

Translucent ceramic brackets are similar to metal braces in that they cannot be removed until treatment is complete. 

Other Treatment Considerations

Though they're quite strong, since the ceramic brackets aren't quite as strong as metal braces, they may require an extended treatment time, since the force used to move the teeth needs to be applied more gradually, to ensure the strength capabilities of the composite material are not overtaxed.

Ceramic brackets are also more costly than traditional metal braces, leading some patients to opt for having ceramic braces placed only on their most visible teeth — the upper teeth or just the upper centre teeth — while using traditional metal brackets on the rest.

Finally, please also be aware that there is some risk of tooth abrasion if the incisal edges of the upper front teeth touch the lower ceramic brackets.

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