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Why Shouldn't Children Use Invisalign?

Why Shouldn't Children Use Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are very convenient and nearly undetectable when worn, but children are typically better off with more traditional orthodontic treatment options for a variety of reasons. 

Parents sometimes ask Dr. Kanani why he doesn't prescribe Invisalign clear alingers for children. Their kids are worried about how their braces will look, or the parents think their kids may struggle to maintain sufficient oral hygiene with metal braces. They think Invisalign would be the perfect solution to deal with these issues.

But there are a few very important reasons that Invisalign isn't a good choice for young children.

Dr. Kanani doesn't prescribe Invisalign to young children mainly due to their age and maturity level. Younger children are usually less willing or able to be responsible with these removable aligners.

The fact of the matter is, kids are more likely not to leave their aligners in full time. They're more likely than adults to let frustration with discomfort and soreness get to them and just take their aligners out.

This is a problem for two of reasons. The most important one is that it can severely stymie the progress of their treatment, and it can even damage their teeth.

The Invisalign treatment process is calibrated and scheduled with extreme care and attention to detail. Invisalign aligners are meant to be worn full time, and only removed to eat, or for brushing and flossing teeth. Anything more can slow down or even reverse the progress being made.

Children are also significantly more likely to lose or damage their orthodontic appliances while playing, and lost or damaged aligners cause the progress of treatment to get off track.

If you have questions about the right orthodontic treatment options for your child, contact Dr. Aly Kanani to book a consultation. We’ll help you choose the right option for your child.

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