When is Jaw Surgery Necessary?

When is Jaw Surgery Necessary?

Your orthodontist may recommend surgical orthodontics as part of tour treatment plan if you are an adult whose bite problem cannot be completely fixed through less invasive means. 

What is surgical orthodontics?

Dr. Kanani performs orthodontic surgery to fix jaw irregularities and improve his patients' ability to eat, breathe and speak. It can also result in a more balanced facial aesthetic.

Jaw surgery is usually done as part of an orthodontic treatment plan, together with other orthodontic treatments, such as braces.

Who is a candidate for orthodontic surgery?

Orthodontic surgery can only be performed after the patient’s jaw is completely finished growing. For this reason, it is typically only performed on adults, or teenagers whose jaw bones are fully developed.

At what point in my treatment will I have surgery?

Your surgery will take place during the time you're wearing braces. As your braces treatment progresses, you may find that your bite seems to be getting worse rather than better. The surgery will take care of this, so don’t be alarmed!

Your braces will be removed approximately 6-12 months after your surgery.

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