Dr. Aly Kanani's Thoughts on The Smile Care Club

In this article by in The Progressive Orthodontist, Dr. Aly Kanani shares his thoughts on The Smile Care Club, and what it entails.

The SmileCareClub aims to help patients without ready access to orthodontic care receive treatment remotely for minor orthodontic complaints. This article addresses some of the apparent pros and cons of The SmileCareClub, and interviews some of the most prominent orthodontists in North America, including Dr. Kanani, on the subject.

  • I have always felt very strongly about access to orthodontic treatment for those patients that are, for whatever reason, unable to regularly visit an orthodontic specialist. The SmileCareClub gives these patients the ability to have mild orthodontic problems addressed with few appointments, if any, and most importantly, having their treatment overseen by an orthodontist.
    - Dr. Aly Kanani

Read more of Dr. Kanani's thoughts on the beginnings of teledentistry, here.

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