What Happens at My First Visit to the Orthodontist?

During your first consultation, you'll meet with your orthodontist and his or her team to discuss your needs, and your orthodontic treatment options.

What can I expect during my initial consultation?

On your first visit with your orthodontic team, they will sit down with you to assess your needs, and to determine which course of treatment would be most suitable to address them.

They will perform a complete review of your health and dental history, will conduct a thorough examination of your smile.

Next, they'll explain to you the specifics of how the teeth movement and orthodontics treatment processes work, from evaluation to record taking and post-treatment maintenance.

They will also review the range of orthodontic treatment options available to you, including their length, comparative costs, and any questions or concerns you may have.

If the patient in question is a minor, both the patient and his or her parent or guardian should be present for this initial consultation.

New Patient Forms

During the initial consultation, you will typically fill out a New Patient Form, to put in writing various details concerning you oral and overall health history and contact information.

Curious About Invisalign?

For patients in Vancouver who are interested in Invisalign, orthodontists such as Dr. Kanani perform an assessment to determine whether you are a candidate for this orthodontic treatment option.

Dr. Kanani has treated thousands of Invisalign patients, even in cases where other practitioners have been unable to do so. If you've been told in the past that you are not an Invisalign candidate, Dr. Kanani may still be able to treat you.

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Your Initial Consultation will typically include:

  • Personal Orthodontic Consultation 
  • Complete Review of Medical and Dental History
  • Facial Exam
  • Intraoral Exam
  • Gum Disease Screening
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Extra-Oral Pictures if indicated
  • Smile aesthetics analysis
  • Upper and lower jaw size analysis in three planes of space
  • Tooth eruption and sequence of eruption analysis
  • Bite Analysis & Tooth crowding analysis
  • Jaw Joint Exam
  • Addressing of your primary concerns
  • Review of treatment options
  • Discuss the different types of braces or appliances for your particular case
  • Approximate length of treatment
  • Presentation of fees, interest-free monthly payments, and insurance inquiries

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