The Value of Treating Missing Tooth Gaps

The Value of Treating Missing Tooth Gaps

We all know the importance of having good dental hygiene and even the benefits to a well-formed, aesthetically correct smile. But, achieving a Hollywood smile not only requires taking care of your teeth, but managing gaps in between teeth from tooth loss during childhood.

According to a dental information website owned by Aetna, baby teeth act as a guide for erupting adult teeth. So, premature loss of baby teeth can result in improper or delayed eruption of adult teeth resulting in crowding, spacing, rotations, transpositions, underbites, overbites, and other orthodontic disorders.

Due to gaps, teeth will often shift to occupy the open space. This blocks adult teeth from naturally erupting into place. When this occurs, the tooth often erupts on an altered path, which can produce any number of the misalignments mentioned above.

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