Braces-Friendly Christmas Treats

Braces-Friendly Christmas Treats

Wearing braces shouldn't mean you have to miss out on holiday treats! With a little extra care, you can enjoy delicious Christmas goodies with your family and friends during your orthodontic treatment.

It's an unfortunate fact that certain types of candy can cause damage to braces. This can sometimes make people undergoing orthodontic treatment feel a little left out during the holidays, especially.

But don't despair! There are still many tasty holiday-themed treats and goodies that you can snack on during your orthodontic treatment that are perfectly safe.

What to Avoid

If you and your orthodontist have already discussed the eating limitations that go along with with braces, then you can probably guess what types of treats are best avoided at Christmas time, too. But if you need a reminder, it's best to avoid:

  • hard treats
  • chewy treats
  • sticky, gooey treats

It's also a very good idea to limit sugar intake at this time of year. There are a lot of sugary treats out there during the holidays, and eating a few too many of them can cause problems even for people who don't have braces. If you do have them, all the extra sugar can be even more damaging, since braces have all sorts of tiny crevices where food particles and plaque can build up.

Making Better Holiday Choices

There are 3 main steps to enjoying the holidays safely with braces:

  • eat sugary treats in moderation
  • eat soft, easy-to-chew treats only when you do have them
  • pay extra attention to your oral hygiene routine

And remember, if all else fails, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate instead! Just remember to brush afterwards.

If you're interested in trying some fun and easy treats that are low on sugar but still have plenty of festive flair, try a few of the following:

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Watermelon Snowman | Modern Mom Blog

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