What Can I Use to Supplement My Orthodontic Treatment?

If you wish to safely supplement your orthodontic treatment and get a straighter smile, you might be able to use OrthoPulse®.

By generating low levels of near-infrared light (nIR) to the bone and tissues containing the roots of your teeth, OrthoPulse could help remodel the bone tissue and promote the orthodontic movement of teeth.

OrthoPulse may accelerate your orthodontic treatment in just one quick and convenient 10-minute self-treatment session a day.

Due to its elegant design, OrthoPulse could easily fit into your daily lifestyle, and it's small enough to take with you on your travels. It can be comfortable and easy to use when relaxing or watching TV.

OrthoPulse has been cleared by the FDA for use with both braces or clear aligners.

Interested in learning more about OrthoPulse or about other ways you might be able to supplement your orthodontic treatment? Contact our orthodontic office in Vancouver today!

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