Portable Snack Options for People with Braces

If you are being treated for an orthodontic condition, you will most likely be given a list of foods you need to avoid during your treatment. This can make it tricky to find foods you can easily grab on the go. Here, our orthodontic team shares a list of portable foods you could easily take to school or work.

Soft Veggies

There are lots of soft vegetables out there that could make yummy and healthy snacks such as peppers, tomatoes, and most cooked vegetables. Typically they are easy to prepare and carry in baggies or containers on a busy work or school day. Veggies also contain lots of minerals and vitamins that can help keep your body healthy and teeth strong.

Soft Fruits

Kiwi, watermelon, and grapes are examples of soft fruits that are both refreshing and sweet. Fruits like these are packed with lots of fiber that could help you stay full between meals. All you'll need to do is cut them up at the beginning of the week and store the portions you desire in your fridge with plastic baggies and Tupperware containers that are easy to grab before you leave for the day.


Pudding, yogurt, and soft cheeses are easy on your braces, taste great, and are full of calcium! Most of the time these snack options are easy to carry around but remember they do have to be kept cool.

Soft Meats

Meatballs, deli meats, and soft-cooked meats such as chicken are high in protein and are usually easy to chew with braces. You can make sandwiches with them or use them to cook a large pot of sauce to eat with veggies, potatoes, and pasta throughout the week.

Vegetable Chips or Thin Crackers

You will find loads of healthy crackers and veggie chip options available at the grocery store. Be sure to choose low in sodium snacks if you can, and nothing that is too hard or crunchy. Enjoy these foods with your soft cheeses and fruit for a simple and delicious lunch!

To learn more about your food options during your orthodontic treatment contact our Vancouver orthodontic office today!

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