The Process For Removing Braces

The Process For Removing Braces

We understand how you may be nervous about getting your braces removed. In this blog, our orthodontist, Dr. Kanani discusses the braces removal process and what you can expect after your braces have been removed. 

After having to wear their braces for an average of 18-24 months lots of patients look forward to getting them removed and being able to enjoy the freedoms that come with not having to wear braces anymore. However, there are some patients that are worried and afraid of the unknown. Our orthodontic team understands how you can be anxious, which is why we are sharing some useful information about the braces removal process, so you can look forward to enjoying your new, straighter smile without having any worries.

The Process of Removing Braces

The bonding adhesive holding your brackets will need to be broken in order for your braces to be removed. Your orthodontist will use specific tools that will help release the brackets. Following the removal of your braces, your teeth will be polished so any residual bonding cement can be removed. This is when they take an impression of your teeth so your retainers can be custom-made. It takes approximately an hour for this entire process to be completed.

Does it Hurt to Have Your Braces Removed?

The process of getting your braces removed is similar to when you got them applied. Your orthodontist may need to use some force in order to remove the adhesive. This may result in your teeth and gums being a little sore for the next several hours. Your mouth will also be sensitive and you might feel a bit of discomfort, however, if you do experience pain, speak to your orthodontist.

What To Expect Once Your Braces Are Removed

After having your braces removed there will be a period of adjustment, just as when you had your braces applied.

Your orthodontist will tell you to avoid food that requires a lot of chewing. You may discover that eating will seem a little odd at first as you get accustomed to the feeling of eating without brackets. Your teeth may also be slightly yellowed, but this could be reversed, by getting a teeth whitening treatment done at your dentist's office, you just need to wait a month or more before doing this, so you won't have as much sensitivity.

You might also spot calluses on your lips that may have developed in response to the metal braces which you'll now be able to feel, but they will gradually dissipate. Brushing your teeth will also be much simpler with your braces removed, you'll no longer need any special brushes or tools.

After having your braces removed you will have to wear a retainer so your adjustments can be preserved. You might have to wear your retainer for several years or indefinitely, your orthodontist will be able to tell you what your specific requirements are.

For more information on taking care of your smile before, after, and during your braces treatment contact Dr. Aly Kanani today to book an appointment.

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