Will Teeth Straighten As They Grow?

Will Teeth Straighten As They Grow?

As your children's permanent teeth start to grow in, you might notice that some are crooked. If you are wondering if these teeth will straighten out as they grow, our orthodontist has the answers for you.

What Causes Teeth To Grow In Crooked

Most often, crooked teeth are due to inadequate spacing in your child’s mouth for the total size of the teeth they are erupting. Since permanent teeth are, generally, larger than primary teeth, so they may have trouble squeezing in causing them to lean, rotate, or even become impacted in inappropriate places in the mouth. Without intervention, these teeth will not straighten out on their own and may worsen as other, larger teeth erupt down the road.  

Here are a few other reasons your child's teeth might grow in crooked:

  • Jaw size and shape 
  • Premature tooth loss 
  • Tight spacing between baby teeth 
  • Habits, such as thumb or pacifier sucking 
  • Abnormal tongue posture 
  • Genetics 

Will Teeth Straighten As They Grow In?

Since it’s common for permanent teeth to come in crooked or misaligned, sometimes teeth straighten slightly over time as the jaw itself grows. However, many teeth that emerge crooked or out of alignment will require the help of an orthodontist to restore them to their proper position.

When To Seek Orthodontic Intervention

At Your child's routine dental exam, your dentist will evaluate the placement of your teeth and look for signs that teeth are misaligned or otherwise in the wrong position. If your dentist feels problems are developing, he will refer you to an orthodontist.

Oftentimes, the best solution to crooked teeth in children is to intercept them as early as possible. Through different techniques, our orthodontists can guide the teeth into a healthy position.

Why Do Straight Teeth Matter?

Straightening out crooked teeth will aid in the healthy growth of their jaws and facial profile. When teeth move to new locations, they build new bone and can be more in harmony with the soft tissues surrounding them.  These adaptations also lower the risk of speech irregularities, dental emergencies, TMJ disorder, and social issues due to embarrassment about one’s teeth.  

Contact Dr. Aly Kanani today to schedule an appointment to discuss your child's orthodontic needs and find an appropriate solution for their crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth.

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